ETF Research

ETF Performance

The Exchange-Traded Fund Performance page provides charted growth over the last 10 years, total return performance, and look at the Lipper Peer Scanner for the fund. To access the Performance page, enter a mutual fund symbol in the Detailed Quote box in the top right corner of your screen or on the Exchange-Traded Fund Overview page, and go to the Performance tab.

ETF Portfolio

The Portfolio page displays the major holdings of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) and allows you to see the performance of individual holdings. From the Summary page of any ETF you are researching, click the Portfolio tab near the top to view portfolio composition.

ETF Expenses

Exchange-traded fund (ETF) expenses are charged by the issuing company to cover any maintenance and management required by the fund. Determining the expenses associated with an ETF can help investors make decisions about a fund's stability, financial strength and management success.

ETF Summary


The Morningstar tab include information including: Rank Within Category, Score and Ratings Summary, and the Morningstar Style BoxTM. An explanation of each of the tables is included below the table. The Morningstar Style BoxTMexplanation is viewed by clicking on the question mark icon next to the title.

Finding ETF Opportunities

Exchange-Traded Funds Overview

The Exchange-Traded Funds Overview page is designed to help you find in-depth research regarding a particular company or ETF. To get to the Exchange-Traded Funds Overview page, go to the Quotes & Research tab in your Scottrade account and click Exchange-Traded Funds in the left navigation menu.

ETF Options

The ETF Options page allows you to research all the options associated with an underlying ETF, if such options exist. To view option contracts on an underlying ETF, enter a symbol in the Detailed Quote box in the top right corner of your screen or on the Exchange-Traded Funds Overview page, and go to the Options tab.

ETF Charts

Scottrade provides customizable real-time exchange-traded fund (ETF) charting to help you spot and identify potential trends.