World Markets

The World Markets page reports market performance for Asia, Europe and the Americas, and provides values for major world currencies. The information provided allows you to track global trading activity and monitor market events that might impact your investments in the U.S. To view the World Markets page from the Quotes & Research tab of your account, choose Markets from the left navigation menu and click World Markets.

The following features are found on the World Markets page:

  • Market Leader Chart - The Market Leader Chart displays performance for each of the indexes represented on the World Markets page and allows you compare one index to other indexes in the same geographic region. Mouse over one of the World Indexes to see that index highlighted on the Market Leader Chart.
  • World Indexes - At-a-glance performance data for major indexes in Asia, Europe and the Americas includes access to price and percent change since the previous day's close and last trade. Hover over any index to see that index highlighted on the chart above, or click on the index to view in-depth related research.
  • Strongest Performing Investments - A quote list for the strongest performing U.S. investments is provided at the bottom of the World Markets page. Using the drop-down boxes provided, search for stocks, ETFs or mutual funds by performance level or the index on which they are listed. Choose to view the most active, biggest percent gainers or biggest percent losers listed on the DIJA, NASDAQ, NYSE and S&P 500.
  • American Index Charts - Current-day charted performance for the DIJA, S&P 500, NASDAQ and NYSE is available in the top right corner of the World Markets page. Click on an index title to see a chart for that index.
  • Currencies - Performance of the major world currencies is provided in the Currencies widget on the right column of the page. Click Compare Currency Performance to measure the value of one currency against another.

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