Stock Insiders

Access to a company's insider activity provides a fundamental data point that can be used to determine the company's stability, financial strength and management success. To view insider activity for a stock, enter a symbol in any Detailed Quote box in your account or on the Stocks Overview page and go to the Insiders tab.

From the Insiders tab, you can see exactly what a company's insiders have done with their stock holdings within customizable parameters.

The Insider Activity chart at the top of the page shows insiders' transactions along with execution prices. Hover over the bars for additional explanations of the information displayed. Insider Activity charts shows three-month activity by default. Use the buttons below any chart on the Insiders page to change the time frame displayed to one month, nine months, one year or five years. Below the time-frame buttons, select the parameters of your graph from the following types of transactions:

  • All Transactions
  • Options Award
  • Options Exercised
  • Planned Sale
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Stock Gifts

The Stock Ownership box to the right of the Insider Activity chart displays the division of a company's shares between brokerage firms, investment managers, strategic entities and non-institutional owners. You are also able to find information on the total number of shares held, percentage of shares owned and percent change in ownership in the Stock Ownership box.

Weekly Insider Transactions are listed at the bottom of the page. Use the drop-down box provided to view transactions by Insider, Date, Type, Six-Month Return, Shares, Market Value or Total Holdings. Insider history lists each insider transactions along with the name of the insider who made the trade. In addition, you may view individual insider transactions by clicking Insider Trends at the top of the transactions list.

You can easily view a quote, set an alert, add the stock to your watch list or place a trade by using the buttons in the toolbar at the top of the page.

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