Stock SEC Filings

To view a company's SEC Filings, enter the company's stock symbol in the Detailed Quote box in the top right corner of your account or on the Stocks Overview page and go to the SEC Filings tab.

The SEC Filing page gives you access to all SEC filings for the company. You can view the type of filing, the date it was filed and the category of the filing. Click on the highlighted filing type to view the actual filing document. SEC filings include the 10-K and 10-Q for the company. The 10-K contains detailed information about the company's business finances and management. The 10-Q contains financial statements, a discussion from management and a list of corporate actions (such as stock splits, acquisitions, etc.).

Use the drop-down boxes provided to filter the SEC filings and display results by type or time frame.

The latest annual and quarterly SEC filings and the latest news headlines for the company are shown in the right column of page.

You can easily view a quote, set an alert, add the stock to your watch list or place a trade by using the buttons in the toolbar at the top of the page.

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