Checking Order Status

The Order Status page for stocks and options provides information on any order you have placed that is open, completed, has expired or has been canceled. You can use the Order Status page to keep track of investing activity in your account. To check the status of a stock or option order from your Scottrade account:

  1. Select the My Account tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Order Status link located in the left navigation menu.
  3. When viewing information on the Stocks & Options Order Status page, you can filter the page results by Date, Status and Symbol using the entry fields at the top of the page. Using the Status drop-down box, you can filter your status results by the following order categories:
    • Open Orders
    • Completed orders
    • Canceled orders
    • Expired orders
  4. To filter your order history for a range of dates, click the Select Date Range link below the drop-down Date box and enter the Start and End Dates of the period you want to view.
  5. Click Go to view your filtered stocks and options order history.

To view Quotes & Research for one of your orders, click the position's symbol.

Tax Lot Number vs. Order Number

Orders will be identified by either an order number or a tax lot number. Any order placed prior to Aug. 30, 2010, will only have an order number. Beginning Aug. 30, completed orders will be assigned a tax lot number that will help you identify the position for tax reporting purposes.

While a trade is being processed, it will be assigned an order number by Scottrade. Then, at the end of the trading day, each order will be given a tax lot number. If your order was executed with multiple or partial fills, it will be rolled up into a single summarized transaction with a tax lot number.However, you will be able to expand your order's tax lot number to see the individual orders and order numbers that made up the entire summarized transaction on your completed orders list. To view your completed orders, go to the My Account tab and select Order Status in the left navigation menu. In all other places in your account, including on your electronic trade confirmation, you will only see the average price of the position and the tax lot number assigned to the whole order.

To view detailed information for an order with multiple fills, go to the Order Status page of your account (click the My Account tab, then choose Order Status from the left menu). If an order has multiple fills, you will see a '+' to the left of the order's tax lot number.

Click the '+' to expand the order information and view the details of each fill. Notice that the entire order is represented by a single tax lot number, but each fill maintains its individual order number as an identifier.

The Order Status page displays original orders and may not always reflect order updates (e.g., market corrections resulting in partial cancels or rebills). View your official trade history on the Confirmations page of your account.