Tax Information

Where your money is involved, it's important to know the tax implications and to have the correct forms to file with your annual return. This section will help you view your statements and records, get tax information for specific account types and import your Scottrade account information into TurboTax.

Gain/Loss & Tax Center

Track your gains and losses, choose a tax strategy and import your tax information to TurboTax with the Gain/Loss & Tax Center tool.

Tax Form Generation

Tax forms will be generated at the end of the tax year for all accounts that have IRS reportable transactions.

Tax Form Mailing Calendar

Different investment types have different reporting deadlines, and this can affect the timeframe in which your tax forms from Scottrade are generated.

Which Form Should I Use?

Scottrade will provide you with the appropriate tax forms for your account based on your account type and activity for the year. It's important to understand the purpose of each form to help you prepare your taxes completely and correctly.

Viewing Tax Statements & Records

The Tax Statements page is your central resource for tax forms generated by Scottrade for your account.

Importing Information into TurboTax

Scottrade provides clients with two options to import your information into Turbo Tax. You can import your Scottrade 1099 directly into Turbo Tax.