Importing Information into Quicken

Scottrade provides you with two options to import your account information into Quicken.

You can import your account information directly into Quicken. This will require that you input your Scottrade® login information before Quicken imports your data.

Setting Up Quicken

  1. Open Quicken.
  2. Select the choice that best fits you and then click Get Started.
  3. Click Get Started again to activate Quicken.
  4. Fill out the required fields and then click Next.
  5. Fill out the second set of required fields and then click Next.
  6. The Password Vault section is optional. Click Next when finished, or click Skip This Step to continue without completing the section.
  7. Click Done.

Importing a Scottrade® Account into Quicken

  1. In Quicken, click Add Account from the Tools menu or from the bottom left-hand corner of your home page.
  2. Select the appropriate account type.
  3. Once the status pop-up box disappears, enter Scottrade in the text box or select Scottrade from the list of popular banks.
  4. Enter your Scottrade® account information and then click Connect.
  5. The Nickname section is optional. Click Next when finished or to continue without completing this section.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Accept the downloaded transactions by clicking Accept All. If you do not accept the downloaded transactions, you will receive an error message and will need to return to the previous screen and accept the transactions.

Importing Trading Activity via a .csv/Excel File into Quicken

  1. In Quicken, click File Import from the File menu and then click Import Security Prices from CSV file.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Select the appropriate file and then click Open.
  4. Click OK.

Removing a Scottrade Account from Quicken

  1. In Quicken, right click on the account to remove.
  2. Click Edit/Delete Account.
  3. Click Delete Account.
  4. Type Yes to confirm deletion and then click OK.

Visit the Scottrade Tax Guide for more information on tax reporting.

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