Customize Your Trading Environment

Template Manager

Template Manager allows you to manage multiple layouts and load a specific layout based on your research and trading goals.

Layout Manager

Use Layout Manager to generate a list of your layouts (up to ten layouts may be displayed in the Layout Manager menu). To access the Layout Manager, to the right of the Trade button, click the button with the name of your current layout and then click Layout Manager.

Linker Tool

The Linker Tool allows you to associate windows so that when you enter a symbol in one of the linked windows, the information for the symbol will display in all linked windows simultaneously.

Your Active Ticker

The active ticker, located at the bottom of the ELITE platform, provides a streaming feed of your chosen symbols. The active ticker is always visible while you're on the ELITE platform and is customizable to stream symbols of your choice.

Account Quick View

The Account Quick View drawer in ScottradeELITE is a convenient way to view your account-specific information (Balances, Positions and Order status).

Scrolling Dashboard

The scrolling dashboard, located at the bottom of ScottradeELITE, provides a an easy way for you to quickly access windows within your layout. A thumbnail image of all your open windows will display in your dashboard.

Window Menus

There is a menu located in the top left corner of every window on the ELITE platform. As listed in the table below, the window menus contain options that allow you to execute common tasks.

Right-click Functionality

Several windows on the ELITE platform offer a shortcut menu with various options. The shortcut menu displays when you right-click anywhere inside the platform.

Hot Keys

Hot keys are commands you can create using the buttons on your keyboard. Using hot keys can give you quicker access to market research and help you react faster when you spot an opportunity.