Layout Manager

Use Layout Manager to generate a list of your layouts (up to ten layouts may be displayed in the Layout Manager menu). To access the Layout Manager, to the right of the Trade button, click the button with the name of your current layout and then click Layout Manager. The following options are available: Create New Layout, Save Layout and Save Layout As.

Note: As you create multiple layouts using Layout Manager, the Layout Manager menu will list them below the default options.

Using Layout Manager or Managing Your Layouts

From the Layout Manager menu, click Layout Manager to display the Layout Manager dialog box.

Choices in the Layout Manager dialog box allow you to manage the layouts that you created on the ELITE platform previously.

Options include:

  • Search - You may search for a previously saved layout at the top of the Layout Manager dialog by typing the layout name in the search box.

  • Load a Previously Saved Layout – To load a layout from the Layout Manager, from the Layout Manager dialog box, select the layout you wish to load and click Load below the list of layouts.

  • Sorting Order – Arrange how your previously saved layouts appear in the Layout Manager using Sort Order. To arrange the order of the layouts, from the list of layouts in the Layout Manager dialog box, click the layout you wish to move. With your layout selected, click the arrows to the right to move the layout up, down, to the top of the list, or to the bottom of the list.

  • Set a Default Layout – The chosen default layout will load each time you launch ELITE. To set a layout as default, simply click to highlight the layout of choice and click Set As Default below the list.

  • Delete a Layout – To delete a layout permanently, from the Layout Manager dialog box, click a layout from the list and then click Delete.

If you click “Delete” and you have “Show confirmation window when deleting layout(s) checked, a dialog box will open to confirm that you would like to delete the selected layout. Click Yes or No.

To delete a layout without receiving this dialog box, clear the Show confirmation window when deleting layout(s) check box.

  • Renaming a Layout – To rename a layout, from the Layout Manager dialog box, click a layout and then click Rename.

Once you click Rename, you will be able to type the new name of the layout in the Rename Layout dialog box.

Once you have renamed the layout, click OK to complete the renaming action. To cancel this action, click Cancel.

  • Layouts Saved Automatically - By default, any changes you make to a layout throughout your ELITE session are saved automatically. No manual save is needed. To disable auto-save, clear the Save Layout Changes Automatically check box.

Additional Layout Manager Functionality

You may toggle between layouts by selecting Layout Manager from the Layout Manager menu and clicking the layout of your choice.

Below is additional information about the Layout Manager menu choices:

  • Create New Layout – Allows you to create a new layout and save it with a name of your choice.

  • Save Layout - Save Layout will save any changes you have made to the active layout on the ELITE platform.
  • Save Layout As - Save Layout As will open a dialog where you may name the layout that is currently active on the ELITE platform.