Right-click Functionality

Several windows on the ELITE platform offer a shortcut menu with various options. The shortcut menu displays when you right-click anywhere inside the platform.

To... Click...
Buy a security Buy
Sell a security Sell
Send a symbol to the Alert Manager and allow you to create a price or news alert for the identified security Create an Alert for
Send the symbol to another window automatically Open Symbol In
Change settings within the tool or active window Configure
Create a template, save changes to a template, or choose from your list of saved templates Templates. Manage your templates with this functionality.
Print item(s) in the active window Print The Print dialog box appears.
Detach or Attach the active window

Detach/Attach. Detach allows you to detach the active window from its docked position. With the window detached, you can drag the window outside of the main ELITE platform and onto an alternate computer screen.

Attach places the active window into the original docked position.

Close the active window Close

Note: The choices available in the shortcut menu may vary slightly depending on the tool or window you're using.