Scrolling Dashboard

The scrolling dashboard, located at the bottom of ScottradeELITE, provides a an easy way for you to quickly access windows within your layout. A thumbnail image of all your open windows will display in your dashboard. Using the dashboard, you can open multiple windows on the ELITE platform and minimize or restore windows with a single click.

Additional Dashboard Functionality

  • Hover Preview - The windows within the scrolling dashboard may be viewed in a preview window by hovering over the particular thumbnail in the dashboard. Click the monitor button on the left side of the dashboard to toggle on or toggle off the preview.

  • Detach Dashboard - When you click the Detach button on the left- side of the dashboard, you may detach your dashboard from its docked position. This allows you to drag the dashboard window outside the main ELITE platform and onto an alternate monitor, leaving more screen real-estate for the research and trading windows you have open in the platform.

  • Resizing – You may resize the dashboard by pointing to the top black bar of the dashboard. When the pointer becomes a double arrow, drag the pointer up or down to adjust the size.
  • Hide/Show – You may hide or show the carousel (depending on its current state) by clicking the gray tab between the Trade button and the Layout button in the lower left corner of the ELITE platform.

  • Scrolling between Windows - The dashboard will also allow you to scroll between the thumbnails of the windows that are currently open inside the ELITE platform. If the current thumbnails do not fit in the dashboard, a right arrow will appear on the right side of the dashboard.

Clicking this arrow will allow you to scroll through all available thumbnails. To scroll to the left, click the left arrow on the left side of the dashboard.

  • Organize Thumbnails - To manually rearrange the thumbnails in the dashboard, you may drag and drop the thumbnails to the desired location.
  • Active Window Indicator - The small blue dot within the thumbnail heading in the dashboard indicates that the window is active or expanded within the platform. If the dot is gray, the window is in a minimized state. You may click an inactive window (gray dot) to restore a window.

  • Right-click Functionality- Right-clicking a thumbnail within the dashboard provides a shortcut menu with the following options:
    • Detach/Attach - (depending on the current state of the window) – Detaches or attaches the window from or to the main ELITE platform
    • Minimize / Maximize (Restore) – Minimizes the window or maximizes (restores) the window
    • Close– Closes the window
    • Hide Dashboard – Collapses the dashboard completely
    • Configure Dashboard – Located in the bottom left corner of the Elite platform, Configure Dashboard allows you to change settings.

  • When you click Configure Dashboard, the Dashboard Properties dialog box displays the following choices:
    • Sort Order - You may sort the dashboard thumbnails by Symbol, Opened First, Opened Last, Gainers First, Gainers Last, and By Time Period.
    • Show Preview - Selecting the Show Preview check box will enable the hover preview functionality within the dashboard. The hover preview allows you to hover over the thumbnail in the dashboard and see a larger preview image of the window.
    • Preview Size - You can choose from the following preview sizes: Small, Medium, or Large.
    • Thumbnail Size - The thumbnail size also can be adjusted by dragging the Thumbnail Size scroll bar (smallest size to the left, largest size to the right).