Setting Themes

When you log on to ScottradeELITE, the default theme loads. The default theme is the “Dark” theme. ScottradeELITE offers other theme selections that can enhance readability depending on the light settings in your environment.

The system will apply the theme you select to all layouts except chart windows and custom colors. You may need to change the Time & Sales windows that contain custom text and highlight colors when you change the Global Theme or if you are not able to use the text or highlighting after a theme change. Setting Themes

To view Theme options or change your existing theme:

  1. On the Main Menu, click Global Settings.
  2. Click the Theme arrow to see more options.   
    The theme choices are as follows:
    Mono (Monochrome)
  3. From the Theme list, click the theme you want to set as your default theme.

Below is an example of a “Dark” theme, which displays white text against a black background.

Below is an example of a “Light” theme, which shows black text against a white background.