Window Menus

There is a menu located in the top left corner of every window on the ELITE platform. As listed in the table below, the window menus contain options that allow you to execute common tasks. The table below contains all available menu options within windows on the ELITE platform.

To... Click...
View or modify settings in your active window Configure
Access the Template Manager, save the window as a template, or load a pre-defined template Templates
Print item(s) in the active window Print The Print dialog box appears.
Export data from the tool or active window into an Excel spreadsheet Export In the Save As dialog box that appears, specify where you want your data saved.
Refresh data Reload Trading Data. This command refreshes the window if the trading data stopped streaming due to technical issues
Access online help Help. This command launches the Scottrade KnowledgeCenter.
Detach or Attach the active window

Detach/Attach. Detach allows you to detach the active window from its docked position. With the window detached, you can drag the window outside of the main ELITE platform and onto an alternate monitor.

Attach places the active window into the original docked position.

Close the active window Close

Note: The options in the window menu may vary slightly depending on the tool or window you are using.