Your Active Ticker

The active ticker, located at the bottom of the ELITE platform, provides a streaming feed of your chosen symbols. The active ticker is always visible while you're on the ELITE platform and is customizable to stream symbols of your choice.

To configure the active ticker, click the Main Menu drop-down, and select Configure Ticker Settings.

The Ticker dialog box contains the following options:

Direction - You can view the active ticker in several directions: Scroll (default setting), Up, Down, Right, Left, Random, and None.

Add Symbols - To add a symbol to the active ticker, click the click the + button above the symbol list. This action will generate a blank row that will allow you type a symbol of your choice.

Delete Symbols - To delete a symbol within the active ticker, in the list, click the symbol you would like to remove and click the X button above symbol list. This action will remove the selected symbol.

Sorting/Organizing Symbols – To rearrange the order of the symbols within the active ticker, from the symbol list, select the symbol you want to move, and click the Up or Down arrow above the list of symbols. This action will move the selected symbol up one position or down one position in the list of symbols.

Import Symbols from Symbol Lists – To import symbols from My Positions or My Watch Lists, click the back icon and make your selection(s).

Speed – You may adjust the active ticker scrolling speed moving the speed bar slider from left to right. To decrease the scrolling speed of the active ticker, move the slider to the left. To increase the scrolling speed of the active ticker scrolls, move the slider to the right.