Accessing Skew Tool

The Skew tool allows you to view different options skews and modify the data depending on the strategy you wish to take. To launch Skew Tool:

1. On the Options menu, click Skew Tool.

2. In the Enter Symbol box, type a symbol you want to monitor, and then click Go.

By default the chart loads with the following settings:

  • View: Calls
  • Strikes: Near-the-money
  • Chart Type: Show 3D (three-dimensional) Chart

3. To change the view to display calls, puts, or both, in the View list, click the view you want.

4. To change the strike type, in the Strikeslist, click the strike type you want.

a) Near the Money shows three contracts above-the-money and below-the-money.

b) Show More extends the skew chart to six strike prices above and below the money.

c) Show All displays all available strike prices for the selected expiration period.

1. To set the expirations, in the Expirations area, select expiration box you want.

2. To change the line color in the chart, in the Line Color list, select the color you want.

3. To change the chart type, click Show 2D. This toggle button displays 2D or 3D Charts.

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