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Watch Lists

Watch lists offer you fast access to market data that's important to you. With ScottradeELITE, you can choose the market data included in your lists so you're always seeing the information that's most crucial to your trading.

Detailed Quotes

The Detailed Quote window offers you immediate access to streaming market data for any symbol you want to research. With ScottradeELITE, you can choose which market data displays in your Detailed Quote window so you're always researching based on the information that's most crucial to your trading.

Time & Sales

The Time & Sales window is designed to help you evaluate market volume for any securities you're watching. You can customize the window to display the data you find most helpful while trading to make sure you're ready to spot your next opportunity.

Market Depth

With Market Depth, ScottradeELITE offers advanced quoting as a premium subscription service to enhance your market visibility. Get a combined view of NYSE OpenBook, NASDAQ Level II and NASDAQ TotalView.


Stock alerts are messages sent to your online trading account when the market criteria you set for a security is met. Learn how to customize your alerts to match your trading strategy.