Stock alerts are messages sent to your online trading account when the market criteria you set for a security is met.

Viewing Alerts in ELITE

There are two ways to access Alerts within ELITE:

  • On the Main Menu at the top of the ELITE platform, point to Quotes and then click Alerts.

  • On the Quotes menu at the top of the ELITE platform, click Alerts.

The column headings in the Alerts window display the following information:

  • Defined Alerts - The name of the alerts that have been set
  • Rules - The number of rules that have been set for a specific alert
  • Status - Shows if the alert has been triggered and how many times
    • Waiting – indicates the alert has not been triggered
    • # - displays the number of times the alert has been triggered
  • First Time Triggered - Displays the timestamp of the first time the Alert was triggered
  • Last Time Triggered - Displays the most recent time the Alert was triggered

News Alerts

When a news alert is triggered, click the link in the Alert message to open the News window.

To view the detailed news story, click the headline in the News window. The complete story displays below the News Headlines.

Alerts for Linked Accounts

ScottradeELITE allows you to view all trade execution alerts for single or multiple (linked) accounts. You will see trade execution alerts for secondary accounts even if you are logged on to the primary account when you place a trade from a secondary account.