Detailed Quote

The Detailed Quote window offers you immediate access to streaming market data for any symbol you want to research. With ScottradeELITE, you can choose which market data displays in your Detailed Quote window so you're always researching based on the information that's most crucial to your trading.

Accessing Detailed Quote

There are two ways to launch the Detailed Quote window:

  • On the Main Menu in the top left corner of the ELITE platform, point to Quotes and then click Detailed Quote.
  • From the Quotes menu at the top of the ELITE platform, select Detailed Quote.

Using Detailed Quote

To retrieve the Detailed Quote:

In the Symbol box in the top left corner of the Detailed Quote window, type a symbol and click Go or press ENTER.

Using Symbol Lookup

To find symbols based on the name of the company, click the magnifying glass icon to can use the Symbol Lookup tool.

The Symbol Lookup functionality is available in most tools or windows on the ELITE platform. For additional information, see Symbol Lookup.

To the right of the Symbol Lookup button on the toolbar at the top of the Detailed Quote window, there are five buttons:

  • Custom - By default, the Custom button includes all fields from the Summary button.
  • Financials
  • Technicals
  • Fundamentals
  • Summary

Note: The active button is highlighted and the details for that active button will appear in the Detailed Quote window.

Setting up Detailed Quotes

You can use the options in the Detailed Quote Editor dialog box to edit the fields and layout of the Custom button.

To access Detailed Quotes Editor, click Configure Detailed Quotes from the Detailed Quote menu.

The Detailed Quote Editor dialog box appears.

Basic Quote Information

  • Items List - On the left side of the Configure window you can select an option from a list of available data fields.
  • Search - You may search the available list by typing the field name in the Search Bar.
  • Sorting - You may arrange the list alphabetically or by category.
  • Spreadsheet - A spreadsheet displays on the right side of the configure window. This spreadsheet will be used to add and organize the fields you as you choose.

Note: The cells will initially load with the fields from the Custom tab that are currently being used.

  • Adding Fields – There are two ways to add items from the list on the left side to the spreadsheet:
  • Add Functionality – In the spreadsheet, select the cell that you want to populate with the item from the list. From the list, select an item that you want to add to the spreadsheet and click Add. The field will be added to the spreadsheet in the cell that you selected.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality – From the list, click and drag the item you want to add to the spreadsheet to the desired area in the spreadsheet.
  • Removing Fields - To remove an item from the spreadsheet, select the item In the spreadsheet that you want to remove and then click Remove. The field will be removed from the spreadsheet.
    • Undo – To undo an action you just performed, such as adding or removing an item, click Undo.
    • Clear All – To clear all items in the spreadsheet, click Clear All.
    • Right-click Functionality - Right clicking any cell within the spreadsheet reveals a menu with the following choices
      • Insert New Row
      • Insert New Column
      • Remove Item
  • Saving Changes – To save the changes you made to the Configure Detailed Quote window, click OK. This action closes the Configure Detailed Quote dialog box and returns you to the Detailed Quote window.
  • Canceling Changes – To not save changes you made to the Configure Detailed Quote dialog box and return to the Detailed Quote window, click the Cancel.