Top Performers

The Top Performers window provides instant analysis of stocks and options that are outperforming the current market. This window, which can be found in the Quotes section of ScottradeELITE, offers you a fast way to evaluate or trade:

  • Top-performing stocks by exchange
  • Top-performing call or put options

To narrow your search based on your trading objectives, you can filter your list of top performing stocks or options by the following categories:

  • Most active
  • Net gainers
  • Net losers
  • Percent gainers
  • Percent losers

How to Filter Your Top Performers

  1. 1. On the Source menu, click the exchange you want or the option type you want.
  2. On the Type menu, select a filter type from the following choices: Most Active, Net Gainers, Net Losers, Percent Gainers, or Percent Losers.

The Top Performers window shows the top 15 stocks filtered by the criteria you selected in the Source menu and Type menu.