Velocity & Forces

What is Velocity & Forces?

NASDAQ Velocity & Forces measures pre-trade order activity in the Stock Market trading system to indicate the intensity and direction of trading interest before that activity results in trades and price movement.

Why Use Velocity & Forces?

You can use NASDAQ Velocity and Forces to get the insight necessary to make the best trading decisions for your trading strategies. NASDAQ Velocity & Forces measures levels of pre-trade order activity in the NASDAQ trading system, including NASDAQ-, NYSE-, and AMEX-listed securities, to indicate the intensity of trading interest and relative buy/sell pressure.

What is Market Velocity?

Market Velocity measures the intensity of the trading interest. This allows you to execute your trading strategy more quickly by comparing the expected order activity in a stock with the current activity to detect surges in trading interest before the trade occurs. The velocity has a benchmark value of 100% being the securities 21-Day Moving Volume Average. If the velocity indicates a percentage higher than 100%, the security is trading above its 21-Day Moving Volume Average.

What are Market Forces?

Market Forces provides a real-time, pre-trade indication of the direction of the market by indicating whether trading interest is surging in either buy or sell orders. Used with Market Velocity, Market Forces can help you determine which stocks are ready for an upturn or downturn to help you make better trading decisions. The Buy/Sell pressure is displayed on a scale from 1-10. For example, if the Market Forces displays 0 (zero) for Buy Orders and 10 for Sell Orders, this would indicate for every 10 orders at the market center, 10 are sell and 0 are buy.

Velocity & Forces Overview

NASDAQ Velocity & Forces offers the perfect pairing of market intensity and trend awareness to arm you with the insight necessary to make the best trading decisions for your trading strategies.

Accessing Velocity & Forces

You can access Velocity & Forces from the Main Menu or the Quotes menu of ScottradeELITE.

Configuring Velocity & Forces

With the configure feature, you can easily customize the view and information displayed in the Velocity & Forces window to match your trading strategy.

Trading From Velocity & Forces

Find out how to initiate trades from the Velocity & Forces window so you're ready as soon as you spot an opportunity in the market.

Using the Linker Tool

The Linker Tool allows you to associate windows so that when you enter a symbol in one of the linked windows, the information for the symbol will display in all linked windows simultaneously.

Using the Velocity & Forces Menu

To see a shortcut menu that allows you to quickly perform the tasks below, right-click anywhere within the Velocity & Forces window.