Manage Your Account

Place a Trade

In addition to the research, tracking and quoting tools offered on ScottradeELITE, you can also make trades quickly and easily. This section will guide you through the features for placing stock, ETF and option transactions.


The Balances window provides immediate access to the current account balances of all your linked accounts so you know exactly how much you have available for trading at any given time. Balances will display differently based on your account type: cash, margin, pattern day trading.


The Positions window is designed to help you track your investments and monitor their market performance with information you choose to display. With the ability to choose the information that's important to you, you can easily see how your individual investments are contributing to your overall trading strategy and monitor any investments that are approaching a sell target you may have established.

Order Status

The Order Status window provides information on any order you have placed that is open, completed, has expired or has been canceled. You can use the Order Status window to keep track of trading activity in your account or modify an order that hasn't executed yet.