Modify or Cancel Open Orders

Open orders will have links that allow you to modify or cancel your order with ease.




Change the details of your order. When you click the Modify link, the Order Entry window will open and enable you to make changes to your order details.


Close your order before it executes. You'll be asked to confirm your cancelation.

Modifying an Advanced Order

To modify a single component of an advanced order such as an OCO or OCA order:

  1. Click the Modify link for the order component you want to change.
  2. ELITE displays the Order Entry ticket with the order component you selected as the active order. The fields you can modify are active; you cannot modify the grayed-out fields.
  3. Apply any changes (if necessary) and click Modify Order.
  4. ELITE displays the Order Review window.
  5. Click Yes, Modify Order(s).
  6. ELITE will close the Order Review window, and the Order Entry window will display an “Order Sent” message with the new reference number for your order to indicate that the order modification was successful.