Position Actions

See the table below for a list of available options located in the Actions menu.



View or modify settings in your Positions window

Configure Positions

Access the Template Manager, save the window as a template, or load a pre-defined template


Print a position

Print Positions. The Print dialog box appears.

Export positions data into an Excel spreadsheet

Export Positions. In the Save As dialog box that appears, specify where you want your data saved.

Refresh data

Reload Trading Data. This command refreshes the window if the trading data stopped streaming due to technical issues.

Access online help

Help. This command launches the Scottrade KnowledgeCenter.

Detach or Attach positions

Detach/Attach. Detach allows you to detach the Positions window from its docked position. With the Positions window detached, you can drag the Positions window outside of the main ELITE platform and onto an alternate computer screen.

Attach places the Positions window into the original docked position.

Close the Positions window

Close Positions.

Portfolio Gain/Loss and Total Market Value

The Portfolio Gain/Loss $, Portfolio Gain/Loss % and Total Market Value fields are static fields that always display at the bottom of your Positions window. These figures reflect the Gain & Loss figures for your current positions.

Linker Tool

Use the Linker Tool within the Positions window to connect multiple windows so the symbol entered in one window will display in all linked windows simultaneously. For additional information, see Linker Tool.


The menu contains options that help you execute common tasks quickly. Options include printing, exporting data, refreshing data, accessing help information, detaching or attaching window positions, and closing windows. Note that the options may vary slightly depending on the tool you are using. For additional information, see Menu.

Right-click Functionality

Several tools in ELITE offer a shortcut menu with various options. The shortcut menu opens when you right-click anywhere in the window of the tool. For more information, see Right-click Functionality.

Symbol Lookup

Symbol Lookup, a functionality within most tools on the ELITE platform, provides you with more information about a company via its symbol. For more information, see Symbol Lookup.

Minimize / Maximize

Minimize and restore functionalities are available on the top bar of all active windows on the ELITE platform. For more information, see Minimize / Maximize.

Template Manager

Template Manager is a functionality found in several tools or windows on the ELITE platform. Located in the top right corner of the tool or active window, Template Manager is represented by a button. For more information, see Template Manager.