Alert Wire by Recognia

What Is Recognia AlertWire?

Recognia AlertWire is an investment research service that provides daily trade ideas through a news feed format, offering you unique headlines based on emerging technical event opportunities, including classic chart patterns and studies.

Why Use Recognia AlertWire?

You will get access to countless trade ideas, based upon emerging technical events, when you subscribe to Recognia AlertWire. Receive an automated interpretation of the event – in news format – with commentary describing the event, an educational description of the event type and a price chart highlighting the identified event.

Features and Purposes



Complete coverage of any publicly-traded U.S. equity

Broad range of coverage in many markets to meet investor preferences

60 types of bullish and bearish chart patterns, indicators and oscillators covered

Unique, actionable research identifying more than 60 event types

Description of event

Explanations of classic chart patterns, indicators and oscillators as you receive trade ideas

Markup patterns on chart

Shows the price swings making up the reported patterns and guides the trader on the learning path of technical analysis

Accessing Recognia AlertWire

You can launch the Recognia AlertWire window in the following ways:

  • On the Main Menu, point to Research, point to Recognia, and thenclick Recognia AlertWire.
  • On the Research menu, click Recognia, and then click Recognia AlertWire.
  • In the Recognia Disclaimer dialog box, click OK.

The Recognia AlertWire window launches.

Accessing and Viewing News Headlines and Stories

To view news headlines:

1. In the symbol box, type the symbol you want.

2. To filter the stories, click Go.

The current list of headlines displays in the top pane.

3. To view a specific story, from the list of headlines, click the story you want.

The story displays in the lower pane.

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