Get Started

ScottradeELITE's easy-to-use charts offer sophisticated market analysis tools including more than 50 indicators, advanced drawing tools and the ability to playback shifts in the market to help you spot and react to trends.

Chart Drawing Tools and Toolbar

Tools are specific functions designed to help a trader or analyst apply actions to a chart. These functions include visual reference tools such as crosshairs, data window or a mouse pointer.

Add an Indicator

The primary way to add a study or indicator to a chart is to highlight the Add Indicator box at the top middle of the chart window, then click the downward arrow to activate the Add Indicator drop-down menu.

Configure Chart Tab

To access the Chart Configure Tab, right-click on the chart to access the Chart menu or click the Charts menu button.

Compare Multiple Symbols

With the ability to add multiple symbols to the same Chart, you can compare the performance of symbols with similar characteristics to see which ones best fit your strategy.