Add an Indicator

The primary way to add a study or indicator to a chart is to highlight the Add Indicator box at the top middle of the chart window, then click the downward arrow to activate the Add Indicator drop-down menu.

The second method for adding a study or indicator to a chart is to right-click the mouse anywhere inside chart to activate the chart drop-down menu.

If you cannot find an indicator or study within the Add Indicator menu, use the scroll down selection to view additional selections or type the name of an indicator in the Add Indicator search box.

As you scroll down, additional technical studies or indicators are displayed in alphabetical order.

Select the study or indicator you want to apply to your chart. For this example, we selected the moving average indicator.

Selecting the moving average indicator activated the Moving Average menu.

Use the indicator menu provided to customize the information you see and the way your information is displayed so you're getting the most out of your charts.

Click Apply to keep the menu open after applying the indicator so additional changes can be made. Click OK to apply the selection and close the menu at the same time.