Chart Drawing Tools and Toolbar

Tools are specific functions designed to help a trader or analyst apply actions to a chart. These functions include visual reference tools such as crosshairs, data window or a mouse pointer. Some visual tools help you see a chart better, perhaps by thickening and thinning data bars or increasing or decreasing space between data bars. Other visual tools are used for specific tasks such as drawing trend lines, Gann Angles, or Fibonacci Ratio analysis.

There are two options to access ScottradeELITE's analytical drawing tools.

  • Option #1 is to select a drawing tool from the toolbar on the left side of the chart. If you don't already see a toolbar on your chart, you can open the toolbar from the main configuration menu.
  • Option #2 is to select the Drawing Tools icon located at the upper area of the chart.

In the chart toolbar, additional tools may be available but not displayed due to space restriction. To access those tools click the downward-pointing arrow. You can also customize the chart toolbar by selecting Configure Chart Toolbar.

The Configure Chart Toolbar menu allows customization of charting tools and the layout in which they're presented. You can add or remove tools based on what you're trying to accomplish.

To customize the Chart Toolbar location, select: Top, Bottom, Left or Right from the Configure Chart Toolbar menu. The Toolbar will be moved to that location on the chart page.