Intraday Trader by Recognia®¹

By providing technical analysis on 15-minute price data, Intraday Trader by Recognia is designed to help you spot trends as they develop and time your trades according to your strategy. Available inside ScottradeELITE®, Intraday Trader monitors intraday changes in the market and notifies you when technical events occur based on your interests, helping you take advantage of trade opportunities in real time.

5 Things You Can Do with Intraday Trader

  1. Spot Trends with Predefined Event Setups – Recognia offers nine predefined setups, and each one monitors the market for different technical conditions. You can use any of the predefined setups offered in Intraday Trader to track events monitored by those setups and receive notification when trends develop within the criteria setup.
  2. Create Custom Event Setups – You can easily create a custom event setup using your own criteria if a predefined setup does not match your trading interest. Intraday Trader will analyze the market based on your custom setup definitions and send notify you when trends or technical events of significance develop according to the criteria you entered.
  3. Apply Your Analysis to Predefined Watch Lists – After choosing your event setups, you can narrow the focus of the analysis you see by applying your event setups to a specific set of symbols. Intraday Trader offers predefined watch lists created according to specific sectors, indexes, market segment and other criteria to help you define your universe.
  4. Create Custom Watch Lists – Intraday Trader offers you the ability to fully customize your research and apply predefined or custom event setups to a custom watch list. You can easily create watch lists based on the securities you're interested in and see market analysis specific to those securities.
  5. Monitor All Your Event Notifications from One Location – The Intraday Trader Event Dashboard provides an easy-to-read summary of all the setups you've put on your radar. From this location, you can easily monitor and react to trading opportunities that result from the intraday analysis you select.


To learn more, read the Intraday Trader Getting Started Guide, written by Recognia.

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