Subscribing to Trade Ideas

ScottradeELITE will notify you via a pop-up message and an email if you do not have access to Trade Ideas.

To subscribe to Trade Ideas:

  1. On the Main Menu, point to Configure and then click Manage Subscriptions.
  2. In the dialog box, click Trade Ideas.
  3. In the Enter Scottrade Account Number box, type your 8-digit Scottrade account number.
  4. Select the I accept these terms checkbox.
  5. Click Activate.

Once you have successfully subscribed, you can access Trade Ideas via ScottradeELITE.

Note- The Trade Ideas welcome screen text and images may vary.

Trade Ideas gives you pre-defined scans, containing themes. Examples of themes include Pre-Market, Active Trading, Sectors and Fundamentals.

When Trade Ideas launches, you will see a pre-defined layout that matches the channels—or preset category of stocks – along with other layout elements and defining criteria.

Based on the criteria and channel you select, Trade Ideas provides ideas of stocks you can trade. The example below provides the Trade Ideas windows for stocks in the Technology channel.

The following table illustrates tools or windows (layout elements) and defining criteria that comprise the Trade Ideas layout.

Note- The layout elements and defining criteria will vary depending on channel (category) you choose.

Layout Elements

Defining Criteria

Top List Window

Contains Market Movers for the trading day. Displays stocks in descending order by 60-minute percentage price change and:

  • < - $0.01 EPS > $0.01
  • < - 4 percent change from previous day's close 4 percent
  • Relative volume > 1.20

Multiple (Multi-) Strategy

Collection of five strategies scanning all stocks between $5.00 - $50.00 and featuring 52-Week Highs/Lows, Above/Below 50-Day Moving Average, and Volume Spikes on 3x ADV.

Channel Bar

Trade Ideas preset components that combine curated selections of symbol lists, indicators and visual displays (columns, color sorting etc.).

Using Trade Ideas

You can use the Trade Ideas layout elements exclusively, or together with ScottradeELITE tools (Charts, Balances, Positions, Order Status, etc.), to help you find timely information about stocks that meet your strategy.

Creating and Saving Your Layout

You can save Trade Ideas layout elements exclusively to a custom layout or you can save the Trade Ideas layout elements together with ScottradeELITE tools.

To save a layout:

  1. After you open all the windows you want, on the Main Menu, click Save Layout.
  2. In the Layout Name box, type the name of your layout.
  3. Click OK.

The layout will display on the Quick Access Bar. See also: Quick Access Bar.

Instructions, including videos, online communities and support forums, for using tools and features within Trade Ideas – such as strategies, alerts and windows-specific channels – are available in the Help table of the Trade Ideas window.