Virtual Trading

With ScottradeELITE's virtual trading system, you can place mock trades using virtual cash in a risk-free environment.

3 Things You Can Do with Virtual Trading:

  1. Learn how to use the research and trading tools in ScottradeELITE® before you place real trades.
  2. Test new trading strategies to see how they may perform before using them in today's market.
  3. Place simulated market and limit orders on equities.

Note: All virtual trading accounts will act as cash accounts. We do not offer margin accounts through the virtual trading system.

Enabling Virtual Trading

When you log in to ScottradeELITE, click the Virtual Trading checkbox. The trades made within the virtual trading system are not real and will not affect your actual account.

In the disclosure window, read the information provided and click OK.

2 Ways You'll Know You're Using the Virtual Trading System:

  1. Once you select the Virtual Trading checkbox, the title bars of each window in the ELITE platform will appear in orange. 
  2. When you place a virtual trade, the menu options displayed will remind you that you're in a virtual trading environment. For example, on the Main Menu or Virtual Account menus, you can select Place Virtual Trade, Virtual Balances, Virtual Order Status, or Virtual Positions.

Disabling Virtual Trading

To disable virtual trading, log out of your account and log back in again.