Today's Executions in Scottrader

The Today's Executions window of Scottrader shows all orders that have been filled during the current trading day. To view your completed orders for the day, click Today's Executions in the upper left section of your Scottrader Quote Grid window.

To view historical orders, click the Account History link at the top of the Today's Executions window. The Account History link will redirect you to the Order Status page of the Scottrade Trading Website, where you will be able to view the status of all your orders.

Your Today's Executions window is broken down into the following columns:

  • Symbol – A unique abbreviation assigned to a security so that it may be easily identified on its exchange.
  • Action – Whether the trade was placed as a buy, sell, buy to open, buy to close, sell to open or sell to close order.
  • Quantity – The total number of shares in your order.
  • Execution Price – The amount per share at which the order was filled.
  • Commission – The charge applied to your account for the order.
  • Net Value – The total execution value of the order, excluding commission.
  • Execution Time – The time at which the order was filled.
  • Account Type – Whether the account is classified as a cash, margin or day trading account.

To view the executions made in any of your linked accounts, click the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the Today's Execution window and select the linked account number.

All orders will be submitted in the account currently open in the Today's Executions window.

When you are finished viewing your trade execution history you can navigate to Balances, Open Orders or My Positions via the tabs at the top of the Today's Execution window.