Customize Your Account

With a fully customizable interface, Scottrader Streaming Quotes offers the ability to personalize your trading experience.

Create Layouts

Scottrader offers up to three different layouts that can be personalized to match your trading interests. Once you have arranged the Scottrader windows to meet your preferences, assign a name to your arrangement(s) using descriptive titles to help you navigate between multiple layouts.

Configure Settings

Depending on the function of a window, you can use window-specific configure links to choose default settings, change visual appearances or filter information in Scottrader.


Scottrader uses the same alerts as the Scottrade Trading Website. Any alert set up in the trading website will appear in the Scottrader Quote Grid window when you are using Scottrader at the time the alert is sent.

Linker Tool

With the Scottrader Linker, you can connect two or more windows so that the symbol entered in one window will display in all linked windows simultaneously.