Configure Window Settings

Configure links are placed in select windows hosted by Scottrader Streaming Quotes.

Depending on the function of a window, you can use the configure feature to choose default settings, change visual appearances or filter information.The box below outlines the configuration possibilities by window.


Configure Functionality

Quote Grid

Add, remove or re-order information displayed in the main window


Choose default settings for trades and trade execution alerts.


Control the information included in charts or change chart visual settings.

Detailed Quote

Add or remove information displayed for a particular security.


Filter Dow Jones News by headlines and stories and add or remove RSS Feeds.

Top Ten

Choose default settings for top ten movers on the various exchanges.

To access the configuration tool for any eligible window, select that window from the Scottrader Quote Grid and click the Configure link in the top left window corner. Your configuration preferences will be saved when you choose to save your layout changes at the end of each Scottrader session.

You can hide your toolbars in many windows throughout Scottrader to allow the window to display more raw market data or conserve screen space.

To hide a toolbar in any window, click the upward arrow in the top left corner of the window.

To expand the toolbar of any window, click the downward arrow in the top left corner of any window.