Linker Tool

With the Scottrader Linker Tool, you can connect two or more windows so that the symbol entered in one window will display in all linked windows simultaneously. For example, let's say that you have chosen to link the Detailed Quote window and the Chart window. If you enter XYZ in the Detailed Quote window, a performance chart for XYZ stock will automatically appear when the Chart window is opened.

The windows that can be linked in Scottrader Streaming Quotes are listed below:

  • Scottrader Quote Grid
  • Chart
  • Detailed Quote
  • Option Chain
  • Dow Jones News
  • Time & Sales
  • Top Ten

To Link Windows

  1. Open the windows you want to link using the buttons in the Scottrader Quote Grid window. If you have not previously configured the Linker Tool in any of the windows, the linker status will be displayed as off.
  2. Click the Linker button in one of the windows. The graphic below displays the Linker button and different linker settings in the Detailed Quote window.

  1. Choose a linker setting in the first window. You may choose from Linker Orange, Linker Yellow or Linker Blue. Using different linker settings, you are able to have different sets of linked windows. For example, the Detailed Quote window and the Chart window can be connected by the Linker Blue setting while the Dow Jones News window and the Time & Sales window are connected by the Linker Yellow setting.
  2. Go to the second window and choose the same setting. The two windows will now be linked.

Auto Cycle

Scottrader's auto cycle feature offers you a way to research quickly and monitor the securities on your stock lists without using your mouse or keypad. When activated, the auto cycle feature will rotate through all the securities on your stock list one by one in each of your linked windows.

To activate auto cycle

  1. Connect all the research windows in which you want to see your securities displayed using the Linker feature.
  2. Click the cycle icon in the bottom left corner of the Quote Grid window.
  3. Choose the duration for which you want each security to display in your research windows. You can choose from the following time frames: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute, three minutes or five minutes.

You can manually deactivate the auto cycle feature at any time by clicking on one of the securities displayed in your Quote Grid window.