Quotes & Stock Lists in Scottrader

Scottrader Streaming Quotes offers unlimited access to list management tools, trade execution information and streaming real-time quotes.

Managing Stock Lists

Track market changes for securities using your stock lists. You can create a new list, edit an existing list or delete one of your stock lists at any time.

Detailed Quotes

With Scottrader, you can view real-time performance with more than 30 different data points.

Time & Sales

The Time & Sales window of Scottrader allows you to view streaming records of sales for a specific security including the last price at which the security was traded, the number of shares traded and the time of the trade execution.

Active Ticker

The active ticker provides streaming trade information for all the securities listed in the Quote Grid window. When a trade is executed for one of the symbols listed in the Quote Grid window, the trade information will immediately be posted to the active ticker.

Option Chain

For investors looking for option trading opportunities, the Option Chain tool offers real-time streaming quotes on option contracts for an underlying symbol.

Level II

The Level II window of Scottrader Streaming Quotes offers you access to NASDAQ's order book, where you can see the best bid and ask from each NASDAQ market participant and combined market maker quotes in an aggregated price view. Level II can help you quickly spot imbalances on the bid or ask side and identify market participants offering the lowest bid-ask spread.