Active Ticker in Scottrader

The active ticker provides streaming trade information for all the securities displaying in the Scottrader Quote Grid window. When a trade is executed for one of the securities listed in the Quote Grid window, the trade information will immediately be posted to the active ticker.

Note– The ticker will not be active, or scroll, if there are no symbols present in the Scottrader Quote Grid window.

Viewing the Ticker

The scrolling trade information displayed in the active ticker window is organized into two rows.

  • Top Row: The ticker symbol and price change since the previous day's close.
  • Bottom Row: The last price at which the stock was traded, sale and quantity of shares traded.

Note– The sale is indicated by a red B (sale occurred on the Bid), a green A (sale occurred on the Ask), a blue I (sale occurred inside the Bid and Ask) or a magenta O (sale occurred outside the Bid and Ask). Sales that break the current day's high or low will be highlighted in yellow.

In the image below, the top row shows a trade for stock XYZ that was executed $.43 up from the last traded price. The bottom row indicates that the last traded price was $60.67 per share, the trade occurred on the Bid and 1,100 shares of stock XYZ were traded.

Using the Ticker

To open the active ticker, click the Active Ticker button at the top of the Quote Grid window.

  • To view scrolling trade information along the top of your screen, click the expand button in the Active Ticker window.
  • To change the speed at which trade information is scrolling, right-click in the Active Ticker window and select a new speed.