Time & Sales

To view streaming records of sales for a security, click the Time & Sales button in the toolbar of the Quote Grid window. Input the ticker symbol you want to view in the entry field provided and click Go. To choose a symbol from the stock list currently displaying in the Quote Grid window, open the drop-down menu and click on a symbol from the drop-down menu.

The Time & Sales window will show you the last price at which the security was traded, the number of shares traded and the time the trade was executed. Trade information is denoted by color. The colors displayed in the Time & Sales window signify the following:

  • Green– The trade occurred on the Ask.
  • Red– The trade occurred on the Bid.
  • Blue– The trade occurred inside the Bid and Ask.
  • Magenta– The trade occurred outside the Bid and Ask.
  • Yellow– The trade broke the previous high or low for the day.

To export your Time & Sales data to Microsoft Excel, click the Export icon located in the top toolbar of the Time & Sales window. Next, choose a location to save the data to your computer. Exporting data from the Time & Sales window will make it easy for you to keep records of historical performance that can be used for reference later.

To place a trade from the Time & Sales window, click Quick Trade.

Use the Linker Tool to connect the Time & Sales window to other windows throughout Scottrader.