Research from Scottrader

Scottrader offers you a variety of tools and resources to thoroughly research your trading opportunities. With Scottrader, you have instant access to charting tools, real-time Dow Jones News, intraday market movers and top ten lists. To access additional research on the Scottrade Trading Website, click the Research button in the top right corner of the Scottrader Quote Grid window.


Scottrader provides you with access to live stock charts and charting tools to help you spot, analyze and react to trends in the market.

Dow Jones News

Access to real-time Dow Jones News articles is free through your Scottrade account. With Scottrader, you can easily customize your search and view streaming results from Dow Jones that match your investment interests.

Market Movers

The Market Movers window displays stocks that have reached a high or low for the current day. To view intraday market movers, click the Market Movers button at the top of the Scottrader Quote Grid window.

Top Ten

Scottrader allows you to review the top or bottom stocks/ETFs and options according to performance criteria of your choice.

RSS Feeds

Manage up to 200 RSS feeds of your choice from the News window of Scottrader. Scottrader allows you to check on the market while keeping tabs on other news important to you.