Dow Jones News

Access to real-time Dow Jones News articles is free through your Scottrade account. Dow Jones News includes:

  • Stock market news
  • Company announcements
  • Economic indicators
  • Credit market news
  • International, regional and industry news

With Scottrader, you can easily customize your search and view streaming results from Dow Jones that match your investment interests.

  1. Click the News button at the top of the Quote Grid window.

  1. Filter your news search by symbol, category or keyword with the drop-down box in the top left corner of the Dow Jones News window.

Click the Get News button when you have finished filtering your search.

  1. To filter the results of your search further, click the Configure link in the top left corner of the News window and choose to search results by headlines only, stories only or both.

For example, let's say that you choose to filter your news search by symbol and enter the symbol XYZ for XYZ Imaginary Corporation. Next, you click the Configure link and choose to filter your search further by headlines only.

Based on your filtering preferences, your results will include all news that mentions XYZ Imaginary Corporation in the article headlines.

Use the Linker Tool to connect the Dow Jones research window to other windows throughout Scottrader.