RSS Feeds

The News window of Scottrader allows you to view recent Dow Jones News articles and manage up to 200 RSS feeds of your choice. You can use your News window to see the latest headlines and stories that impact your trading strategy, or subscribe to RSS feeds that help you keep up with news outside the market.

To subscribe to a new RSS feed:

  1. Open the News window from the Scottrader Quote Grid.
  2. Choose the RSS tab from the top of the window.
  3. On the right side of your window, you'll see a list of the current RSS feeds to which you subscribe. Click the Add RSS Feed link below your list of feeds.
  4. Enter the URL address for the RSS feed to which you want to subscribe and click Validate Feed.
  5. Enter a title for your feed. Choosing a unique title can help you easily identify your different feeds.
  6. Click Add.

Once you add an RSS feed, your feed will display in left column of your News window when you've selected the RSS tab. To display recent stories related to your RSS feed, click that RSS.