Scottrader Layout Settings

Click the Preferences link in the top right corner of the Quote Grid window to adjust the default settings used in Scottrader.

Use the PlatformTab To:

  • Set up saved settings for your layouts.
  • Choose to display stock alerts or set preferences for dismissing stock alerts.
  • Select a default layout that will load when you log in to your account.

Changes made under the Platform tab will be applied to all your Scottrader layouts.

Use the Display Tab To:

  • Update your display preferences for each layout.
  • Rename the layout.
  • Choose to view Scottrader windows in a framed or unframed view.
  • Select to view your Quote Grid in a Text and Icon or Icon Only format.
  • Change the fonts types and font sizes used in your Scottrader tool.
  • Select a color theme.

Changes made under the Display tab can be applied to a single layout using the drop-down menu.

You can edit your layout settings at any time.

Scottrader layouts are customizable. The Knowledge Center offers instructions on how to create or edit a layout in Scottrader.