Trading in Scottrader

To place an order using Scottrader, click the Trade button in the Quote Grid window, click Quick Trade from any supplementary window or click any of the Buy or Sell links located in Trading columns throughout the account management windows. To set default order details, click the Configure link in any Trade window. Prior to execution, your orders can be modified or canceled from the Open Orders window.

Placing Orders

When you decide to trade, you will have the choice of placing a Standard Trade, an Advanced Trade or an Options Trade.

Modify or Cancel Orders

To modify an open order in your account, click Open Orders in the top left corner of the Quote Grid window and then click the Modify link of the order you want to change.

Quick Trades

There are Quick Trade buttons placed throughout Scottrader so that you have easy access to trading tools when you spot an opportunity.

To configure your order entry fields with pre-set information, click the Configure link in the Trade window. Once you have configured your trading functionality, selected order entry fields will auto-fill according to your chosen default settings.