Place Orders

When you decide to trade, you will have the choice of placing a standard trade, an advanced trade or an options trade.

Standard Trades

Standard trades include all buy or sell market orders, limit orders, stop-on-quote orders, stop-limit-on-quote orders and trailing stop-on-quote orders.

Advanced Trades

Advanced trades include all trades whose executions are stipulated by one cancels other orders (OCO), one cancels all orders (OCA), or conditional orders (CND).

Option Trades

Option trades are trades in which the investor places a buy to open, sell to open, buy to close or sell to close order on a derivative investment.

To configure your order entry fields with pre-set information, click the Settings link in the Quote Grid window and choose the Trade Configure tab. Once you have implemented the Trade Configure functionality, selected order entry fields will auto-fill according to your chosen default settings.