Quick Trades in Scottrader

There are Quick Trade buttons placed throughout Scottrader so that you have easy access to trading windows when you spot an opportunity. In any window where the Quick Trade button is present, including the Quote Grid window, the Quick Trade button will be located in the bottom left corner of that window.

To Place a Quick Trade

  1. Click the Quick Trade button.
  2. Using the Account drop-down menu, choose the account in which you want your order to be submitted.
  3. Use the radio buttons provided to choose between stock and ETF orders or option orders.
  4. For stock and ETF orders, input the symbol and quantity information in the entry fields provided. For option orders, enter the underlying symbol, choose whether your order is for a call or put contract, select a month of expiry, and set a strike price. Please note that one standard option contract represents 100 shares of the underlying security.
  5. Chose a Market Side (Buy, Sell, Sell Short, Buy to Cover).
  6. Input the symbol and quantity information in the entry fields provided.
  7. Choose an Order Type.
  8. Select the duration for your order from the Time In Force drop-down menu. Choose Day, Good Until Canceled (GTC) or Good Until Date (GTD).
  9. Choose a Trading Session.
  10. If applicable, check the All or None (AON) box.
  11. To submit the quick trade, click Place Order.

To configure the Quick Trade order entry fields with pre-set information, click the Configure link in the Trade window. Once you have configured your trading functionality, selected order entry fields will auto-fill with your chosen default settings.