Technical Requirements

This section details the minimum and recommended technical requirements for using ScottradeELITE.

Internet Connection

ScottradeELITE will require using a broadband Internet connection. The speed and stable connection of broadband is suited to the streaming data that can be viewed in ScottradeELITE

Viewing Your Connection Statistics

If you have an issue and need to call Scottrade Technical Support, be prepared to reference your connection statistics.

Updating System Settings

The System Settings enable you to update global options in ScottradeELITE, including your Network and Visual Settings.

Downloading ScottradeELITE

When an update is available, ScottradeELITE customers may be provided with the option of deferring the new download for up to five calendar days.

Logging in to ScottradeELITE

After you have successfully installed ScottradeELITE, the shortcut icon appears on your desktop.

Using ScottradeELITE Help

You can access the Online User Guide, online tutorial, and other features to provide information on using ScottradeELITE.

Visit the Scottrade Trading Site Tech Help for:

Browser Configuration

For optimal performance of Scottrade trading tools, please configure your browser to the settings detailed here.

Contact Us

Contact Scottrade Tech Support for additional assistance with your technical questions.