Using ScottradeELITE Help

You can access the Online User Guide, online tutorial, and other features to provide information on using ScottradeELITE.

To view window-specific help for a ScottradeELITE window, click the Help button in the upper right of the window.

To open the Online User Guide, click the Help button on the toolbar.

To access the Help menu options, click Help on the menu bar. The following drop-down menu appears.

Using the Help Menu Options

The Online User Guide provides information and instructions on using ScottradeELITE in an easy, searchable format.

The Online Tutorial provides an overview of the features of ScottradeELITE.

The Latest Changes provides a list of the newest improvements and enhancements to ScottradeELITE.

The Scottrade Webcast provides presentations about new features in PodCast, QuickTime, and Windows Media formats. < graphic>media_center.png

The Scottrade Message Center lists important messages and announcements related to your Scottrade account.

The Send Feedback area allows you to send your ideas and suggestions straight to the Scottrade Product Specialists in our Product Development department.

The About area shows the copyright information for ScottradeELITE.