Scottrader FAQs

To get started using the new Scottrader Streaming Quotes, you will need to have an updated version of Java on your computer. You will find instructions for downloading and updating Java as well as answers to common questions and troubleshooting errors listed below.

Technical Questions

1. What are the Java requirements to run Scottrader Streaming Quotes on my computer?

The new Scottrader requires Java 6, update 14 or higher. We recommend you use the latest version of Java available. For Mac computers, Java 1.6 or higher is required. Java 1.6 will only run on Mac OS 10.6. Visit the Java Requirements section of the Knowledge Center for information on updating the Java software on your computer.

2. What are the recommended system requirements for using Scottrader?

See the Technical Requirements. Other unsupported systems can also access Scottrader but have not been tested. You may encounter various problems with graphics or functionality.

3. What is the 'Scottrader.jnlp' file that downloads to my computer when I open Scottrader Streaming Quotes?

JNLP is a form of Java technology that allows Java applications like Scottrader Streaming Quotes to be downloaded and run outside your web browser. Once Scottrader is launched, it is not connected to your browser in any way. You can navigate away from or close the browser completely, and Scottrader will continue to run.

4. Why am I asked to download a new version of the 'Scottrader.jnlp' file each time I launch the application?

The Scottrader.jnlp file contains unique values each time Scottrader is launched and thus each Scottrader.jnlp file can only be used once.

5. Why does security software asking to run on my computer when I open Scottrader Streaming Quotes?

Your security software is alerting you that a new program is requesting authorization to run on your computer.You will need to click on 'Allow' or 'Ok' to enable Scottrader to run on your system.

Troubleshooting Errors

6. Why don't I see any streaming data?

Scottrader streams data over Port 80. Occasionally, Anti-Virus/Firewall software will block communication on this port. If you don't see any streaming data, you will need to configure your Anti-Virus/Firewall software to allow communication between your computer and Scottrade. To determine if your Anti-Virus/Firewall software is the source of the problem, please try the following:

Temporarily disable Anti-Virus/Firewall software to determine if it is causing communication issues with Scottrader servers. If Scottrader now streams data, you will need to work with your software provider to allow communication to and from '' or '*'. This can typically be done by adding an exception to your software but can vary by provider.

7. Why don't I see the market time displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the main window?

This situation usually is the result of Anti-Virus/Firewall software blocking streaming data.See question six, 'Why don't I see any streaming data?' for troubleshooting tips.

8. Why did I receive a notification that my current Scottrader session has expired?

Scottrader does not time out your session under normal circumstances and is not associated with the time restrictions. Scottrader should only display this dialog if the following events occur:

  • Your connect was lost to Scottrade servers.
  • You launched a second instance of Scottrader using the same account.

If neither of these conditions apply, please contact your local branch office or Tech Support to report this issue.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

9. How much does it cost to use Scottrader?

Scottrader is free to Scottrade nonprofessional subscriber status clients.

10. How do I import lists for the old Scottrader Streaming Quotes or the Scottrade Trading Site?

For help importing lists, read Manage Lists in the Knowledge Center11. What do the colors in the Time & Sales window mean?

11. What do the colors in the Time & Sales window mean?

Read Time & Sales in the Knowledge Center for information on the color coding used in the Scottrader Time & Sales window.

12. What do A, B, I and O mean on the Active Ticker scroll?

The Active Ticker article in the Knowledge Center provides information for viewing and customizing the ticker to meet your needs as an investor.

13. How does the Market Movers feature work?

For information on the Market Movers window in Scottrader Streaming Quotes, read Market Movers in the Knowledge Center.

14. How can I retrieve quotes on indexes?

Certain symbols need special characters entered before the symbol in order to retrieve a quote. Indexes have to be entered with a dollar sign in front of the symbol. For example: $DJI.

15. I found an issue or would like to suggest a new feature. Where can I find contact information to discuss my issue or log my suggestion?

We are constantly striving to make our platforms as stable and feature-rich as possible, and we welcome your feedback.Please contact your local branch office with any issues or suggestions and they will pass them on to appropriate people.