Internet Connection

Connection Types

Streaming Quotes will work correctly on most Internet connections. We would recommend using a broadband connection to ensure the most up-to-date data and to maintain a stable connection to our servers.

Security Software

The most common interruption of Scottrader's socket connection (port 443) is security software. Many times, security software will contain a firewall that will block traffic across port 443. To correct this, a firewall will need to be configured to allow all traffic on port 443. You will need to contact your software's maker for complete steps and settings to open port 443.


Routers are devices used to share a single Internet connection with multiple computers or Internet devices. Routers can contain a firewall just like security software. You will need to contact your router's manufacturer for complete steps and settings to open port 443.

Please note: If your communication company provides you with an Internet, TV/cable and telephone bundle, you may have a router. In some cases, the phone and/or TV is getting its connection from the Internet. In these cases, a router is used to split up connections between them, and you may have a firewall blocking Scottrader's connection. Please call your communications provider for assistance in opening port 443 on this type of router.

Wireless, Air-card & Satellite Connections

Wireless, air-card and satellite connections can cause issues with Scottrader Streaming Quotes. Because these types of connections can break the connection to the Internet due to interference or low signal strength, they can cause Scottrader to lose its connection to our servers. This will appear as a stoppage of streaming data and will prevent trading from taking place. In some cases, the providers of your connection services can help with these connection issues.