Brokerage Accounts

Account types are as widely varied as their owners. For nearly every situation, from a traditional individual account to multiple types of joint and business accounts, there is an account type that can satisfy your needs. This section will provide detailed breakdowns of what each account type means and how to open one at Scottrade.

Standard Accounts

Standard accounts include individual, joint and guardian/conservatorship accounts. These accounts can meet a variety of needs and are selected by many types of investors.

Retirement Accounts

There are several individual retirement account (IRA) options available at Scottrade. Each one has slightly different benefits and tax advantages, so it's helpful to understand each one before deciding whether an IRA fits your investment plan.

Education Accounts

Education accounts help adults save for the future educational expenses of children in their care. Two types offered by Scottrade are Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and custodial accounts.

Specialty Accounts

Scottrade offers a variety of specialty accounts that are outlined in this article.

Subscriber Status

Learn background information on subscriber status. This information can be helpful in determining whether you are a Professional or Non-Professional Subscriber.