Learn the Basics

Intro to the Stock Market

Discover how the stock market works, what is a broker's role in the process, how orders are settled, how stock ownership is recorded, how online investing works and during which hours the stock market is open.

Types & Returns

Read informative overviews of the different types of investments available to you, how to calculate the return on your investment, what historical returns can show you and how to use benchmarks to gauge your investment's performance.

Investment Risk

Understanding and evaluating risk is key to investing. Learn more about liquidity, volatility, different types of risk, bull markets vs. bear markets and what it means for investments to be correlated.

Cost Basis

A new tax reporting law took effect in 2011 as a part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, and it impacts Scottrade clients in a few key ways. Use the resources here to educate yourself on cost basis and this new law.

Allocate & Diversify

Evaluate your own investment objectives and learn how to match them to asset classes and allocation models that fit your goals. Read about periodic rebalancing and reallocation, measuring risk, diversifying your investments and understanding Modern Portfolio Theory.

Investment Research

Learn the basics of recognizing and gathering independent professional analysis and how to use fundamental and technical analysis to research and evaluate your investment opportunities.

Investment Strategies

Investors use a variety of strategies to achieve their investment goals. A few common strategies include compounding, dollar-cost averaging, hedging and leverage.


Inflation impacts many types of investments. Discover how to measure inflation and what causes it, the consequences of inflation, how to combat it, and the time value of money.

International Investing

Familiarize yourself with the basics of American Depositary Receipts, international mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, companies with a global reach, direct investments, the risks and expenses associated with international investing and the impact of globalization.


Educate yourself on how investment earnings are taxed, how tax-deferred investing works and which types of investments may be considered tax-efficient.